Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Absa Mortgage Options and Benefits

Absa is clearly a big name in the banking industry of South Africa with assets worth more than R456 billion and was formed in 1991. With Barclays having a +-56% stake in ABSA makes one feel more secure. And after all, security is the thing everyone is after when it comes to mortgages.

ABSA is a very popular South African Bank and is one of the largest when it comes to bonds.

Absa has a number of mortgage options, structured to fit every conceivable budget. Absa are known above all for their MultiPlan option and wide range of choices for lower-income home owners.

So let’s take a look at Absa’s main home loan product, the MyHome option. This product is pointed at first time and low-income home owners with add-ons and special features. Absa also provides building loans to cater for the needs of the growing number of small businesses in South Africa, as well as a buy-to-let option for aspirant landlords.

This home loan product is very flexible and can be customized to suit everyone’s needs. That is what truly makes this product so unique. MyHome has been designed in such a way that it really isn’t a home loan package at all; it is a home-building block that can be conjoined with multiple add-on options and features in the same way you’d use a little black dress to create a wardrobe of various clothes for every event.

The benefits that you get with the Absa home loan is that you can assign your repayments by selecting your preferred interval and choosing which interest rate you’d prefer, flexible or variable. With the current economic climate, having this choice is important. With electronic banking and due-debit orders, transactions are quick and easy to make.

The MyHome mortgage product is for everyone who earns less than $750 a month. You can even get this option without having a formal proof of income and the TartetSave product will help you working towards overcoming this obstacle. Absa also offers insurance options to insurance your home when getting this option.

When you apply for a mortgage, you have to make sure that the loan will adabt to your budget and needs.

With the FastForward product, you can automatically enlarge your bond repayments. It is in your best advantage to pay of your house as soon as possible as this will save you thousands in the long term. If you need money then FlexiReserve is the way to go. With this you will be able to withdraw cash in your bond account when you need it. You can do this easily. The FurtherAdvance allows you to register a higher amount on your home loan up front, even before you need it, so that you have access to that virtual loan if and when you do need it. This option will let you save thousands in the long run as your house will be worth that increase. With Multiplan you can configure your mortgage account into separate accounts with different interest rates, terms, etc. MultiPlan is like a spreadsheet; you can design the way you want to handle your bond yourself.

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